Areas of Concern

What Others Have Done For Their Future

Income Replacement

"What a relief! My wife will have tax-free dollars when I die to replace my lost income. Just because I'm gone doesn't mean the monthly bills go away."
-Puritan Client

Estate Recovery

"I just can't depend on the stock market and interest rates are still going down. The Estate Recovery Program was the solution I needed. I don't need to be rich ... but I don't want to go broke. "
-Puritan Client

Wealth Transfer

"I wanted to leave my loved ones a personal gift they will remember and value. The leveraged tax-free death benefit is a perfect gift to my family."
-Puritan Client

Catastrophic Illness

"My biggest concern ... solved! What if I got sick and needed full time care? Now I won't run out of money and be a burden to my kids? I increased my long term care dollars without paying monthly premiums. "
-Puritan Client

Final Expense

I do not want my children to have bills caused by my death. The Final Expense program from my Puritan Representative was just what I needed.
-Puritan Client